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Need for Converting PSD to Word press

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Website development earlier was more of a flowchart that involved numerous steps and procedures like preparing PSD design of the website that was later on encoded with a powerful mark-up language so that the website can be launched in a web browser. Now things have become a bit simpler because of PSD to WordPress conversion.

WordPress is one of the most recent and popular free blogging platforms that allow a user to create advertising blogs using the sub-domain of his or her choice. Some of the latest features that make WordPress a hit among the users are maintenance free blogging of up to 2 GB space along with pre-installed themes to select from. This allows easy and convenient PSD to WordPress conversion.

The template driven system of WordPress includes widgets that are arranged without any PHP or HTML code editing along with certain themes that can be installed and switched in between. The PHP or HTML codes in the themes are edited in case of further customization.

In the process of converting PSD to WordPress Template, a PSD file is integrated using WordPress as it can also control and manage the web contents. The process involves slicing a PSD file and then coding it with a blog publishing application like WordPress. This is the best way to prepare a ready to use WordPress template.

PSD to WordPress conversion involves steps like analyzing PSD files, breaking of PSD into HTML, slicing PSD file, PSD into HTML and CSS, integrating that HTML or CSS using WordPress and last phase is that of ‘Testing’.

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