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Advantages of Converting PSD to XHTML

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

For any online business, the website holds great importance. The website acts as a point for the online users from all over the world to interact with the company and find out information about the various products and services that they offer. Hence, it is crucial that the website conveys the details and graphics in a clear and lucid format. The website should be well coded so that it functions properly. The PSD to XHTML conversion is a significant step in the development of any website.

Although Photoshop offers the flexibility to create and edit images and designs, proper conversions have to be done to ensure that they render properly in the website. XHTML is a very popular web designing language that is utilized in creating complex websites. It is a combination of HTML and XML and allows the developers to define the presentation logic in a better manner. Several companies offer quality PSD conversion services thus delivering a functional and efficient website.

Some of the benefits of converting PSD files to XHTML are discussed below:

•    Converting a PSD file presents compatibility over different browsers and so the users have the flexibility of viewing the website with the browser of their choice.
•    PSD to XHTML conversion also ensures that the website is compliant with the regulations put forward by the W3C.
•    Error-free and semantic coding is essential for the website to be search engine friendly, thus enabling the website to secure high ranks in the result listings.

A website needs to deliver excellent performance and efficiency so that it can stand ahead of the competition. Well-implemented conversion techniques are important to develop a user-friendly website.

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