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Advantages your web store gets with a PSD to PrestaShop conversion

Monday, September 30th, 2013

If your online business is growing fast and need the right development tool to sustain on the internet platform, get the right conversion for a functional web application. Searching for the best template conversion to make your online shopping cart solution can be daunting for you in case you don’t have a strong foundation about web development.

Are you thinking to get a PSD to PrestaShop conversion? Your website will get many features. Some are listed below.

  • Managing websites with effective content editing system based on a quality CMS
  • Regular upgrades
  • Supports multiple payment gateways
  • Features like an order tacking system, customer account maintenance and cataloguing data
  • And innovate presentation with custom displays for each product

You may wonder how will a PSD to PrestaShop conversion help in improving the quality and performance of your website. Converting PSD file format to a simple template is in itself a task that will result in a less bulky website. PSD or Photoshop are heavy files that take a lot of time to load. With e-commerce tools like PrestaShop, you can manage your website in a far more effective manner.

To survive in a competitive platform such as the Internet, you need an e-commerce solution that incorporates an SEO feature for your online business. PrestaShop provides the optimum SEO support that enhances visibility for your website. Moreover, a prominent feature of this tool is cross browser compatibility. This feature allows the website to be accessible across multiple browsers effortlessly. Web developers offer services to convert websites into a fully functional web stores for your target audience. Their aim is precision that facilitates a successful conversion.

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PSD to Custom WordPress, get the best CMS tool for your website

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Now you can employ unexplored features of WordPress and take your website to completely new level. WordPress, a popular blogging tool, has fast grown as a powerful web development tool that strengthens the base of your web content management system. With a PSD to WordPress conversion, you will be able to manage multiple websites from a single admin. WordPress has the following characteristic that will work in your advantage.

  •  Cross browser compatibility
  •  Powerful content management system and module development
  •  SEO-friendly plug-ins
  •  Search engine optimized code
  •  Easy to use
  •  Easily Manage small as well as large size websites
  •  XML-RPC interface
  •  Easy to install and upgrade

To get expert WordPress services, look for a company that house a team of professionals that have applicable knowledge of CMS development. Your web developer should be able to understand your objective before you hire them for managing your company website. For tailored treatment for your website, you can even choose to convert from PSD to custom WordPress. Developers providing custom WordPress services have the following in their service package.

  •  Custom theme conversion
  •  Mobile Plug-ins installation
  •  Creating multilingual websites

An added benefit of a WordPress conversion is that it can serve as a tool to create shopping carts and e-commerce solutions as well. A skilled developer will keep in mind that your website not just needs to have high functionality but have optimum visibility on search engines. Hire a company equipped with advanced tools and up-to-date knowledge to develop your website. For WordPress SEO services and technical assistance, get experienced and qualified CMS web developers.

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Importance of XHTML Development in website design

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Before developing a website of your company, it is imperative to have an understanding of different formats and conversions that come under web design and development. The design layout of your website should be innovative and have high functionality at the same time. To become a success on the World Wide Web, your website should have an attractive design to retain the interest of your target audience.


The web has countless alternatives for consumers, therefore, emphasizes on the role of hiring expert developers in order to create a highly interactive and original website. XHTML development is a reliable way to create an impressive online interface for your customers worldwide. Assistance from experts in the field of web development will give the required edge to your website. Their customized web designing services work towards boosting your online image through an original and personalized website.


Web design and development, being a technical field, encompasses terms that a businessperson may not be aware of. However, before you decide to hire a developer, understand why your website needs expert services. Moreover, why a PSD or Photoshop format files need conversions? A PSD is a format that is termed to define files that are Photoshop based. Many website designers develop basic templates on PSD platform, as it provides more layout options in comparison. However, HTML does not support layouts made in the format, hence the requirement for conversions.


A PSD to XHTML conversion plays a key role in website designing process. The conversion brings


  1.  W3C compliance
  2.  Cross browser compatibility
  3.  Semantic coding
  4.  Hand coded mark up
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PSD to Shopify Conversion: a good solution for a dynamic online store

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Upgrade your online business solution with cost efficient solutions offered by a Shopify conversion. Converting your website from PSD to Shopify template can prove to be of great advantage to your online shopping store. Anyone who has long existed in the online selling market knows that Shopify is a powerful open source platform perfect for developing easy to use and functional web stores.


Key features to note that will be beneficial in proper functioning and accessibility for your website are given below:

  •  Customized and versatile layout along with liquid templates
  •  Order and product inventory management
  •  Payment gateway interface
  •  Cross browser compatibility with browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and versions of Internet Explorer.
  •  Search Engine Optimization support

If your online business is not yielding desired benefits, getting a website upgrade is a good option. Implementing a PSD to Shopify Conversion will assist you in managing your online business much better. Consumers logging on your website will find a Shopify-based website quite easy to use. Your ecommerce website will have the provision for adding, editing, and deleting content effortlessly.


If your online store is big and offers several products or services to customers, then getting professional web developers for a Shopify conversion is a suitable choice. Expertise from qualified people will amount to a convenient conversion without any hassles. Moreover, conversion done by experienced developers will leave no room for errors. Shopify your online store today, and develop your business more efficiently. You can even expect services like regular maintenance alongside updates from time to time.


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