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Know How to Convert Image to HTML

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Converting an image into a HTML coded file is not only a necessity but also offers many useful advantages. Generally this process requires professional web development knowledge to be accomplished. However, if you are versed with the basic development knowledge then the process of image to HTML conversion can be accomplished even by you.

With the help of few HTML coded snippets, one can easily embed an image into a HTML coded web page or other such web based HTML or XHTML documents.

The first step in this process is saving the image to be converted at a specific web address i.e. online. If you decide to save the picture locally at the first place then, as the next step you would need to upload it on a web server. If you don’t own a website, then image sharing applications like Picasa can be used for the purpose. Once the image is saved, take a note of its URL. Don’t forget to specify the pixels and size of the image while saving it.

The next step is to open a HTML document where you will use the image tag and its exact URL to turn your mage into a HTML coded file. This will make the image appear to the user that opens the particular document through a web browser or other such program.

After this, adjust the width of your image as per the size you want it to appear. Now again make use of the URL of your image as per its location to take help in shrinking or stretching the image. Once you are satisfied with the size and appearance of the image then finally turn your image into a link with the help of anchor tag embedded in it.

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