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Joomla template in HTML

Monday, February 27th, 2012

A file series within the content management system of Joomla that manages the presentation of the content is actually a Joomla Template. Many confuse a template with a complete design of the website but it just initiates the process of a website design in HTML. It is the role of a Joomla template to work in coordination with the contents stored in the database and this process actually completes a website. The contents present inside a Joomla template include design information like images, JavaScript and Style sheet also there can be only one template on a single webpage. Joomla template acts more of a controller that commands the content management system of Joomla to place modules and other components. It also manages the display of Joomla modules on a web page with several variations that differ in their HTML output structure and that include the popular variation of XHTML output.

Normally there is only a need of a single CSS or an HTML layout in an entire website and a Joomla template only acts as a model for every page that is present in a website. The same Joomla template in HTML is used to design all the web pages present in a single website and it is because of the built-in intelligence present in Joomla content management system, every page gets a unique appearance due to the content that it draws from different databases. The main benefit of Joomla template lies in the fact that in it design and content are both separate entities.

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