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What CSS means to your website?

Monday, December 26th, 2011

CSS or cascading style sheets is a style sheet language that helps to describe the presentation semantics of a document written in a markup language. This application is most commonly used for styling the web pages that are written in HTML or XHTML language. CSS can be used not only for these two major coding languages but can also be applied to many other kind of documents written with languages like XML, plain XML, SVG, XUL and many more.

A Cascading style sheet is capable of improving a website’s design in many ways and by implementing them a website can be easily made attractive and user-friendly. When you launch your website in CSS, you help it move out of the category of basic styling framework and attain the category of superior designing.

Making a website presentable is one of the major requirements for surviving in the world of internet. Designers insert boxes, tables and shadows to differentiate document content from document presentation, but CSS allows it in a more fun and creative way. With CSS, a developer can include more colors as well as fonts in the document presentation so that it’s more interactive and interesting to see.

With the help of CSS, a website can be made the ultimate work of art as it enables a markup language to be presented in many styles. A CSS website provides more control and flexibility to the presentation characteristics along with facilitating multiple pages for format sharing and reducing complexity and repetition in structural content.

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Why Convert PSD to CSS XHTML/HTML?

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Have you ever wondered why everyone wants to convert PSD to CSS /XHTML/HTML? Well, the answer is user-friendliness.

Everyone knows the importance of proper coding along with creativity to create a completely functional websites. Even if your PSD is exceptional, your website will be lifeless without proper coding. Thus, PSD to HTML is vital for making a design of a website user-friendly and functional.

No matter in which format your design is, i.e. PSD, AI, PNG, JPEG or any other, it has to be converted into valid and semantic codes. PSD to HTML conversion service providers save the designers from the overburden of coding their designs themselves, and in fact, they do it with better efficiency and skills. They hold complete knowledge of coding and can help the designers to do the project well in time, which otherwise will take a lot of time, if the designer have to do everything.

With the rage of CMS and shopping carts, most PSD to XHTML conversion involves PSD to WordPress and PSD to Joomla integration services. CMS and e-commerce allows even the non geek to update their websites in terms of uploading content, images and update services and products, on their own, thus, making the site user-friendly. It also deals with cross browser compatibility and accessibility problem of the websites. To enhance the uploading speed of the site, CSS is used with HTML and XHTML, thus, making it vital to implement PSD to CSS conversion.  With PSD to HTML/XHTML template, you can achieve W3C validation, smooth pixels, cross browser compatibility, light weight table-less design, CSS layout and SEO optimized website.

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Get an Attractive Website for Your Company with the Conversion of PSD to WordPress

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

A strong web presence can only built when the company’s website is well-designed and highly advanced. For this, the website must be a highly developed one in all aspects. One such important part of web development is PSD to XHTML conversion of the website. Proper coding of the website makes the website user friendly and also increases the chances of being on the top on the search engine list.

For this conversion of files the services of experts are required but with so many companies dealing in this service, choosing the appropriate company for your website becomes a bit tricky task. It becomes as complicated as converting a PSD to HTML format. Since the work involves technical methods and an updated approach, certain standards are to be kept in mind for selecting the service provider.

The coding standards are set by W3C. These standards by W3C enable the functioning of your website of your website for all kinds of browsers and OS’s. The verification of w3c is essential for every firm and so only experts with the most qualitative skills are hired to convert the PSD, PNG, PDF, and other images files to W3C and make the browser compatible.

Years back, PSD to HTML conversion was not a tricky task because the number of browsers was less and people did not have many options for browsing the website. But with the increase in the number of browsers and options, coding requires more efficiency and skills. The design of the website has to be tested for every browser. This is necessary because you are never sure as to which browser your prospect will use to access the website. In order to satisfy him you need to make things convenient for him. To get the services of a reliable PSD to XHTML conversion firm your requirements should be understood by the XHTML developer you hire. You can always check a sample of their previous works.

Another important application for a website is WordPress which works on an open source and is used for blog publishing. It is also used for creating own websites by proper employment of themes. PSD to WordPress theme coding is a complicated process because as it demands heavy usage of CSS.

PSD to WordPress theme coding enables the graphics will to appear separated from the content making the website search engine friendly. The PSD to WordPress theme coding process employs coding to make the site. Elements involved in coding are HTML, XHTML, PHP and CSS.

As an output of PSD to WordPress conversion, you get an attractive and informative website and builds in traffic for the website. There are many companies found in the market providing these services.

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