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Joomla as a content management system

Friday, February 17th, 2012

With modern age now every type of business now has a website to represent them in the market and need for updating the website from time to time has lead to the demand of a complete Content Management Systems. One of the most widely used CMS is that of Joomla. The various functions that users can perform on Joomla include introducing changes in the text of the website and that include functions of editing or changing the text in the website. Users can also add or remove the central navigation links that are embedded in a website. If you wish to attach or remove any promotional videos or any images on your website then you can do the same with help of Joomla.

Other than these common functions of Joomla, some of the advanced properties include the presence of several add-ons and applications within the CMS. Web developers with the help of a powerful tool like Joomla are able to build Application bridges, data reporting bridges, platforms for ecommerce sites with an integrated system, inventory control system, and complicated directories very easily. With the help of Joomla management system the web developers are also able to design customized catalogues for different products, powerful communication tools as well as effective reservation systems. Other than being a cost effective solution Joomla offers high level protection for PHP applications regardless of the size and type of business. Joomla proves to be an essential tool for managing business in both online as well as offline mode.

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Features of Joomla 1.7

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Joomla is one of the most popular and recognized content management systems that most of the developers nowadays choose for their web development process. Joomla provides many kinds of advantages to the development process as it is free to download, open sourced as well as easy to understand. Its features will let you change the look of your site instantly. Many versions of Joomla have been launched till date and now this CMS is ready with its all new latest version of Joomla 1.7.

Joomla 1.7 is highly promising website software that has been launched on an open source platform. It is capable of working on Windows 7, Windows Vista 64-Bit, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows 7 64-Bit. This version of Joomla provides many new features in terms of zones, email templates, auto approvals, campaigns, registration, ads manager, packages, advertisers, installation, admin and much more.

The installation of Joomla 1.7 is also quite a simple process and with the help of it, one can easily upload files to webhost to open it in a separate browser. Just a few questions have to be answered in the process and then the website will be all set to go online. With the help of it, one can easily add duplicate buttons to copy a zone as well as drop down all email templates in place of log template lists.

It also provides the ease of auto-approvals for the new tabs as well as the choice to auto approve any advertisement or campaign. Its new registration features provide registration to allow existing users to login first. Its ability to re-order ads and search by ID has also made it much advanced.

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PSD to HTML/XHTML/JOOMLA Essential for the Competitive World of Online Business

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Today, business world has become much more competitive giving rise to online businesses where each and every owner needs to have the most effective and updated website. This being the reason, the use of PSD to HTML or PSD to XHTML service is an essential step of web designing and the web design is a prior step of web development. PSD basically is a term used for Photoshop Document and HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language which is a scripting language for web designing. XHTML is an extension of the html and is a more effective scripting language.

PSD to XHTML conversion is necessary as the web developers cannot use the PSD file in the normal format for their web pages. The PSD files need to have added components and changed images. The PSD file is an image format file and requires to be coded in a language understandable to all browsers. Thus, it becomes a necessary step to convert PSD to XHTML before PSD image can appear on the internet as a professional website.

Another important and effective conversion for web development is PSD to Joomla. It enables you to build and maintain your web pages including content, video, audio, photos, files etc. It helps in converting your designs from common image formats into high quality cross-browser compatible W3C validated XHTML / CSS markup. It enables services like W3C Validated, Coding Standard & Naming Conventions, Cross Browser Compatibility, Small File Footprint, SEO SEMANTIC Code, No Tables, Template Integration, Fast Delivery. You just need to give your design in any common format and as a result you will get a high-quality cross-browser compatible W3C Joomla template for your website.

You can search on the net for any of these conversion services and hire the best one for your website.

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