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PSD Conversion for Cross Browser Compatibility – Features and Benefits

Monday, June 15th, 2015

To ensure that a website attains significant cross browser uniformity, it is important to choose the right web development technology. PSD to OpenCart conversion has emerged as one of the most powerful ways of developing an E-Commerce portal. With PSD conversion services, you can achieve a highly functional websites that is compatible with major browsers across the globe.

 Major Benefits of PSD Conversion for Cross Browser compatibility:

  1. The browser market is extremely fragmented with different users preferring different browser to access their website. Unless your website appears to be functional across all browsers, your website will fail to impress your customers. With PSD to Zen Cart conversion you will have a uniform rendering across all browsers.

  2. Cross Browser compatibility ensures that your website automatically adjusts to the attributes of different browsers. When you convert PSD to Joomla, your web design is usually generally more liquid and can seamlessly integrate all the features and functionalities irrespective of the browser.

  3. PSD conversion helps you increase the conversion rate among your visitors. It also shields you against unnecessary fallout and shopping cart payment failure due to malfunction in navigation and payment gateway.

Making a website cross browser compatible with PSD conversion requires great skills and expertise on the part of the developer. There are many web development firms that specialize in the conversion of PSD design.

If you wish to choose a reputed company, simply take a look at some of their past projects and run a cross browser compatibility test on those samples before you hire their service.

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Choose The Best Suited Among PSD To Shopify, Opencart or X-Cart Conversion

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

PSD to Opencart

Website conversion experts remove the possibility of any errors that may cause hindrance in proper functioning of the site. Hiring a professional for upgrading your ecommerce website will get you additional benefits in the form of extra plug-ins and widgets integration. Therefore, experienced web developers are a safer and quicker alternative for applying this conversion without any botheration. Take ecommerce development for instance, Shopify, open cart and X-cart are only number of tools that assist creating a better shopping cart.

However to choose the best one from the three is difficult. Here, we discuss in short points the basic distinction of the three in terms of feature. Let’s first discuss PSD to Shopify conversion.

Features of Shopify are

  • consistent and reliable website performance
  • impressive web layouts in versatile designs and liquid templates
  • comfortable admin interface operation
  • accommodate inventory details without any hassles


Next is feature of a PSD to Opencart Conversion

  • Compatibility with various browsers and platforms
  • SEO friendly coding
  • Light weight and precise CSS coding
  • Customized services


Lastly, characteristics of PSD to X-Cart Conversion

  • Multiple language support
  • Product delivery and shipment information support
  • Enables automated web browser based set-up
  • Effective management of product catalogues with unlimited length and multiple categories
  • Support of various currencies while making payments


With a brief yet elaborated view of individual features of every conversion, a business person can determine which ecommerce conversion tool is most suitable for their business and its needs.

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PSD to Opencart: build high performance e-commerce solutions

Monday, October 28th, 2013

If you are looking for a perfect solution to create a highly efficient online shopping cart solution, conversion templates is the answer to your search. The purpose of your online shopping solution or business should be able to provide a comfortable buying experience to online users. An e-commerce, easy to operate and navigate around, can retain a target consumer’s attention for a long time.


There are many e-commerce development tools offered by experts that will enhance your website’s performance to great lengths. Converting a website from PSD or Photoshop format to simplify templates is the basic upgrade you can get for your online venture. PSD files being heavy to load on web pages, will consume a lot of time, by which a customer may lose interest and look for a better alternative on the wide platform of the World Wide Web.


A commonly applied conversion for e-commerce sites is PSD to Opencart. A popular open source shopping cart development tool, Opencart is a powerful source to create and maintain complex websites in an effortless and cost-effective manner.


Web developers also offer PSD to Opencart conversion services. Benefits of hiring an expert to carry out Opencart conversion include


• Precise error-free conversion

• Search engine optimization

• Pixel precise markup

• Clear CSS coding

• Multiple browser compatibility


The major benefit of a clean and semantic coding in Opencart serves a great deal in developing an online business. The conversion assists in earning requisite consumer attention for your business on the Internet. Moreover, an SEO-friendly platform enhances website visibility on search engine listings as well.


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