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What Prompts the Need for PSD to Joomla Conversion

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Conversion of PSD to Joomla is regarded as the most critical step in CMS website development. Also, These conversions, such as PSD to WordPress is imperative, especially considering the fact that it makes your website to get rendered on various web browsers. Further, this conversion offers a wide array of benefits. Also, it comes with loads of convenience and ease of use.

Need for Joomla Conversion

Considering the fact that more and more numbers of websites have occupied a major segment in the web ecosphere, this has made the competition more intense than ever. Additionally, this has made it essential that your website has distinctive elements in order to make it stand out from the crowd and accomplish better rankings on search engines. Joomla is widely known as an open source content management system. Additionally, it comes with ease of operability. Further, it features flexibility for customizing the design template. This is the primary reason behind the ever-increasing popularity of PSD to Joomla conversion services among the business owners.

Obtain Benefits of Conversion Services

One of the major benefits available with these conversion services, such as PSD to HTML is that it allows creation of personalized PSD image, which can be utilized for the website. Moreover, PSD image is run through conversion process to fetch the theme. Subsequently, this theme can be implemented in your webpage. Owner of the website should make it a point to procure professional assistance in case they lack adequate knowledge regarding the conversion. A professional conversion services company can yield you the instant results in a short span of time.

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Upgrade Your Website to WordPress 4.0 – The Best Version So Far

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

PSD to WordPressFor all those looking to upgrade their website, choose the latest version of WordPress. The new WordPress 4.0 has all the brand new features that will facilitate success and expansion of your business. The latest version has some stunning new features that can transform your blogging website into an interactive and highly functional one.

WordPress enjoys the reputation of a well-accepted content management system, most importantly the best open source blogging tool, which is free to download and use. According to statistics, approximately 25% of web development is based on WordPress, which means one-fourth of the audience depends on WordPress for making their website productive and high yielding.

In fact, the latest addition to the WordPress versions has received a similar response from web development experts and online businesses. Now, you too can experience the advantages of the latest version that comes incorporated with beneficial new upgraded features. A PSD to WordPress 4.0 conversion will give your business the required boost in the form of increased web traffic and profits.

The latest WordPress 4.0 is basically an enhancement of the previous one, making this version bug-free and loaded with countless new features. Following are some features of the new WordPress 4.0 version:

  1. Easy to manage and embed content
  2. Flexible framework
  3. Quick and hassle-free editing
  4. Updated libraries
  5. .bmp file support
  6. Nested shortcode is easy to manage
  7. Easy to work on small screen sizes
  8. Easy to mark comments in the trash as spam
  9. 3gp MIME type support
  10. Unused and dead code is easy to remove from dashboard

Based on these features and more, you can easily jumpstart your run-down business. The conversion from PSD to WordPress 4.0 will also help you to fix some of the issues that cause a hindrance in the performance of your website.

So what are you waiting for? Get the latest version and experience the difference!

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Hire high quality services for PSD to WordPress conversion

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Are you thinking about enhancing your website functionality with the best content management system tool? Acquiring sufficient knowledge about CMS tools is pivotal for completing the task without any errors. CMS or content management system is an application that allows successful posting, updating, and modification of content on a website.

Now you may be wondering why there is a constant need for updates after establishing a scalable and well-designed websites. To answer this question, the importance of CMS development comes to the fore. Content on any website in any case requires regular changes and upgrades as old or outdated content is likely to lose visibility on major search engines. Optimization, being of utmost importance to strive on the competitive online platform, is entirely based on originality and usability of content.

A famous tool used in CMS is WordPress. Converting PSD to WordPress, a website is boosted with numerous features that you can use to your advantage. Some are listed below.

•   Customization through design and integration of themes
•   Developing websites with multiple language support
•   Search engine optimization
•   Managing multiple web application through a single administrator
•   Create e-commerce sites and shopping cart solutions
• Efficient and regular site maintenance and troubleshooting

PSD to WordPress is offers additional features like plug-in development and installation, and SEO meta-tag plug-ins. Hiring developers for the job of converting PSD based websites are expected to bring in the required accuracy or seamlessness on the website. Customization of WordPress applications as per your specific preferences becomes possible with a hired developer with expertise in the field.


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CMS Development – get a PSD to WordPress conversion for optimizing your website

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Content management system is an integral part to web development in order to sustain in the competitive field of the Internet. Having established your website does not complete the job once and for all. The website needs maintenance and updating from time to time. Web developers have several tools that will assist in enhancing the quality and performance of your website.

One such impressive example is converting PSD to WordPress template. WordPress is a highly potent web content management system. It is popularly considered as an effective blogging tool; however, its potential as a base for CMS is yet to be tapped. Only recently, web developers have started applying WordPress conversion on website to strengthen the base of its CMS.

A PSD to WordPress conversion will allow you to control multiple websites from a single administrator. Often called as an open source blogging tool, WordPress adds the following to your webpage.

  •  Manage different websites, with different design and interface, through a single admin
  •  Run Google ads and related options based on a WordPress conversion
  •  Displaying tags and managing other functional through widget installations

The objective of your website developer will not stop at implementation of WordPress. The task extends to timely web maintenance and monitoring. This step is pivotal for your website in order to sustain the high rankings achieved through conversions made for enhancing functionality. Maintaining optimization on search engines is equally essential for your website’s performance. An important aspect to enhanced visibility is impressive design and layout of the webpage.

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PSD to Custom WordPress, get the best CMS tool for your website

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Now you can employ unexplored features of WordPress and take your website to completely new level. WordPress, a popular blogging tool, has fast grown as a powerful web development tool that strengthens the base of your web content management system. With a PSD to WordPress conversion, you will be able to manage multiple websites from a single admin. WordPress has the following characteristic that will work in your advantage.

  •  Cross browser compatibility
  •  Powerful content management system and module development
  •  SEO-friendly plug-ins
  •  Search engine optimized code
  •  Easy to use
  •  Easily Manage small as well as large size websites
  •  XML-RPC interface
  •  Easy to install and upgrade

To get expert WordPress services, look for a company that house a team of professionals that have applicable knowledge of CMS development. Your web developer should be able to understand your objective before you hire them for managing your company website. For tailored treatment for your website, you can even choose to convert from PSD to custom WordPress. Developers providing custom WordPress services have the following in their service package.

  •  Custom theme conversion
  •  Mobile Plug-ins installation
  •  Creating multilingual websites

An added benefit of a WordPress conversion is that it can serve as a tool to create shopping carts and e-commerce solutions as well. A skilled developer will keep in mind that your website not just needs to have high functionality but have optimum visibility on search engines. Hire a company equipped with advanced tools and up-to-date knowledge to develop your website. For WordPress SEO services and technical assistance, get experienced and qualified CMS web developers.

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Why Should You Create a Website in WordPress? I Say, Why Not?

Monday, July 15th, 2013

That’s right! Why shouldn’t you create a website in WordPress? At this point, it’s not even a question one should be asking because the benefits of WordPress are out in the open.

But since you still need explanation, here are some amazing benefits that make using WordPress for website creation the best! For starters, WordPress is an easy, flexible, and open-source blogging and CMS system. It exhibits many different benefits but let’s start with the more important ones.

  •  Free Templates

WordPress templates are famous all over the web development community for its wonderful designs. What’s more, they are free! So when you want to build a website, you can choose from a wide variety of templates and use the one that suits your website theme the best. Some of the templates include the following useful features:

  1.  Responsive Layout for viewing webpage in different screen sizes like mobiles, PCs tablets etc.
  2.  Google Maps with custom zoom
  3.  HTML5
  4.  Easy Navigation
  5.  Fast online request
  6.  jQuery Slider
  7.  Contact Form
  8.  Flexible widget areas

What’s remarkable is that up until now, you haven’t spent a penny, except of course your internet rent. But don’t worry about your website looking cheap just because they are free. The templates look highly professional, which is why they are so popular.

  • Free Plugins

When creating a website, you want to install small widgets here and there that link your website to different important webpages. For e.g., WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that helps you shop facilities on the WordPress website. WordPress gives you powerful plugins and that too for free. I know, WordPress is great!

  • User Friendly

It’s like HTML, Java, and other web designing languages all rolled into one and customized for the understanding of primary school kids. It’s highly user friendly and easy to use.

Now, go ahead and find out for yourself, what other benefits WordPress offers!

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Ways to Install WordPress Themes in a Website

Monday, December 12th, 2011

There are many advantages of using a wordpress theme for website development. WordPress allows changing the theme, content, looks and designs of a website in a matter of minutes. This makes the whole process of website development much faster and efficient. A wordpress theme can be easily swapped by another and there are thousands and thousands of these available. But just their availability is not enough; rather it is important to know as how to install them efficiently.

There are three basic ways of installing a wordpress theme out of which, two are mostly used. The first one is through WordPress free themes directory while the second is by uploading it from your desktop with the use of built in WordPress Uploader. Apart from these two, the third way of installing a wordpress theme is a little complex but it is still useful. This includes uploading the theme from your desktop by using a File Transfer Protocol Program.

In the free themes directory method, the developer has to navigate to appearance option present within the WordPress dashboard. After this, themes tab is selected from the top of the page named Install themes. In this category, themes can be searched under the titles ‘Featured’, ‘Newest’ and ‘Recently Updated’. In the WordPress Zip File Upload Method, the theme has to be installed in the computer system in the form of a ZIP file. This file allows compressing a large file into smaller and easier to handle one. These themes can be uploaded from the themes tab of the appearance option, present on the dashboard.

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Need for Converting PSD to Word press

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Website development earlier was more of a flowchart that involved numerous steps and procedures like preparing PSD design of the website that was later on encoded with a powerful mark-up language so that the website can be launched in a web browser. Now things have become a bit simpler because of PSD to WordPress conversion.

WordPress is one of the most recent and popular free blogging platforms that allow a user to create advertising blogs using the sub-domain of his or her choice. Some of the latest features that make WordPress a hit among the users are maintenance free blogging of up to 2 GB space along with pre-installed themes to select from. This allows easy and convenient PSD to WordPress conversion.

The template driven system of WordPress includes widgets that are arranged without any PHP or HTML code editing along with certain themes that can be installed and switched in between. The PHP or HTML codes in the themes are edited in case of further customization.

In the process of converting PSD to WordPress Template, a PSD file is integrated using WordPress as it can also control and manage the web contents. The process involves slicing a PSD file and then coding it with a blog publishing application like WordPress. This is the best way to prepare a ready to use WordPress template.

PSD to WordPress conversion involves steps like analyzing PSD files, breaking of PSD into HTML, slicing PSD file, PSD into HTML and CSS, integrating that HTML or CSS using WordPress and last phase is that of ‘Testing’.

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HTML 5 and WordPress plugins

Monday, March 21st, 2011

HTML5 is the next and latest version of HTML 4, and brings many capabilities to the web application development. This powerful markup language can provide the high level of effectiveness to the web developers through its interesting features. Converting the files with the format of PSD to HTML is one of the important phases of web development, as it provides the foundation to any website. With the immense number of useful tools of HTML 5, you can easily convert the various PSD formats to the effective HTML pages. It includes features such as embedded audio and video, dynamic 2-D drawing, drag and drop, and improvements in form development such as such as autofocus, context menu etc.

You can also convert your Psd to WordPress , which is web-based software tool to create dynamic and efficient web applications, and there are many plugins or online freeware software tools available in the market for the hassle-free conversions of psd files to WordPress themes. Similarly converting psd to Joomla template, which is also one of the most popular content management software (CMS) tools, is used for web development, web designing, and blogging. However, specifically a WordPress plug-in developer should follow the below-mentioned measures for the effective web development experience

  • It is essential to enable debugging while writing the plug-in code, and enabling debugging turns on the wordpress notices to locate the errors. The debugging option of WordPress is turned off by default, so you need to turn it on by modifying the wp-config.php file, which is located in the root directory of your wordpress installation location.
  • It is best to write the code for your plug-ins in PHP, and you can use CSS, JavaScript to improvise the design logic of your plug-in. Your Plug-ins should have the capabilities to load the required files such as path to plug-in directory, url of the plug-in etc, so the best way is to create your own global paths, which can be used anywhere in the code of your plug-ins.
  • You can use dbDelta function to modify and create various tables for your plug-ins, which is found in wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php path. In addition, it has to be included manually, as it does not appear by default.
  • Specifying your own settings or your own menu options to WorldPress plug-ins facilitates you to operate the plug-in according to your preferences.

So, if you are planning to create a WordPress plug-in, then the above-mentioned measures would help you to deliver the efficient project under the specified time limit.

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Implement PSD to HTML in Websites to Attain Better Results

Friday, January 14th, 2011

To win over the online battle and attract maximum number of web users towards any site, it is essential that the site have a shorter loading period, high accessibility, and high cross browser compatibility. All these features can be easily obtained by implementing PSD to HTML conversion in any particular site. A website is developed after process comprising different stages of production. Such stages include web designing, content writing, testing, and developing. HTML coding helps to convert the PSD or photoshop based designs into HTML coded ones to finally make them compatible to be opened on various browsers. HTML is a markup language that helps in putting movability or life into plain designs and content so that they can be used on live server. It is the most crucial stage in the process of website development without which none of the websites can function on the internet.

Just as HTML helps to provide functional coding to the designs and content of the website in a similar way many other applications are required to facilitate easy changes and management of a website. A website is managed with the help of various ecommerce and content management tools. The ecommerce tools help in managing aspects like shopping cart, gift certificates, payment gateways, and many more. On the other hand, the CMS tools like wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal helps to manage the functionality, network, and content in a website along with making necessary changes and updates in it. PSD to Joomla Template helps to develop and manage highly complex websites in a simpler way without any breakdowns. It also offers functionalities like multiple language support, URL rewriting, template customization, and many more.

Another very powerful open source CMS tool is wordpress. WordPress was earlier used only as an effective blogging tool but with the advancement and progress of this tool, it has now reached the stage where it is regarded as the most powerful CMS tool. It allows the control of multiple websites from a single admin along with offering much other spectacular functionality like full standard compliance, customized theme conversion, mobile Plugin installations, and much more. PSD to WordPress conversion helps to change or modify everything associated with weblog. It is free to download and can be easy installed on any intranet, desktop or laptop. By hiring the services of an experienced and professional web development company, you can be ensured to obtain the best usage of all these applications.

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