• XHTML (EXtensible Hypertext Markup Language) is primarily a markup language which is XML-based and has similar element types and characteristics as HTML 4. Documents with XHTML coding enable automated processing of the content using various standard XML tools.

    In spite of being similiar to HTML in many ways, XHTML is principally different from HTML in the following ways:

    • - XHTML is XML-based, meaning that the syntax rules are different as compared to HTML
    • - There are features in XHTML that are not present in HTML
    • - Conversely, there are characteristics in HTML that are not present in XHTML
    • - With regard to CSS, the concerns of XHTML and HTML are different
    • - There are also variations with respect to the scripting provided from the client's end, for instance, JavaScript
  • No. XHTML coding is supported by only a few selected browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Safari. The most significant point is that XHTML is not supported by Internet Explorer.

    But, no need to worry!

    By following certain simple guidelines, you can submit your XHTML documents as text/html. This implies that the document will essentially appear as a HTML, which is compatible with all browsers. Primarily, all browsers are provided with a parser bug that ignores self-closing tags having slashes inthem.

  • We make use of latest communication methods to interact with our clients, for instance through live chat or by using the intranet of the area where the client belongs to. First, we will try to understand your excat requirements and ask your budget limit and based on the same, will offer you the best suited package.

    Whether you are using Flash or you need AJAX functionality. Just let us know. After all, it is your assignment and your hard earned money. We assure pixel precise markup as per the specfiations provided by you.

  • We mostly prefer Photoshop PSD format for the source file. Nevertheless, we are OK with handling any type of file format, be it JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG and even PowerPoint files.

  • Typically, we zip the files and mail it across to you. However, if you wish, we can also save your web pages as skins, themes, templates or shopping cart, no matter if you are using X-Cart or any other platform.

  • If that is what you find to be convenient, we have no issues. We are there to serve you to the best of our abilitites and as per your needs and preferences. However, to help you save on overall turnaround time of the complete project and to provide cost-effective services, we would advice you to send a set of pages, if not the complete website at a time.

  • If your current docuemtn is completely XHTML 1.0, i.e., if it does not any other markup languages, then the difference would not be that apparent to you. Nonetheless, with the introduction of more and more XMl tools in the market, like XSLT that is used for tranforming documents, you would start reasling the benefits of using XHTMl coding.

    For instance, Xforms allow the owner of the wesbite to edit XHTML documents or, in fact, any other type of XML document in easy to follow and controllable steps. Moreover, the advantage of XHTML documents will also extend to Semantic Web applications.

    Further, if your document is advanced than basic XHTML 1.0 like SVG, SMIL or MathML, then you would immediately notice the advantages that are simply not possible with HTML.

  • For your benefit, it would be best if you provide us with short notes beforehand about how the web page design works. This will help us decide our code of execution and also warn us agaisnt committing mistakes that will, in turn, save on time. On the other hand, be assured that if we have any doubts, we will make sure that we clarify those before beginning to work on the project.

  • The usual turnaround time for the delivery of a project is between 8 to 24 hours, depending upon the number of pages. We start counting the time of project when the order is confirmed from the client and an advanced payment is received.

  • Yes, we do. Our professionals XHTML coders regularly make use of almost all JavaScript techniques including Prototype, Mochikit, jQuery, YUI Library, sIFR, swfIR, mootools and script.aculo.us, among several others. If you want, we can even provide you with a free qoute on the same, only if you fill in the contact form alongwith the necessary details.

  • Indeed! Just zip the files and send it across to us at the time of placing the order.

  • Till date, we have never missed out on the delivery date of a project and we can assure you that even in the future, this will never happen. We greatly value the time and money spent by our clients and ensure to provide them PSD to HTML/XHTML coding services par excellence.

    Only in cases, where considering the amount of work and the budget of our client the deadline looks impossible to achieve, do we engage in discussion with our clients. And we ensure that we talk it out with our clients regarding this while confirming the order and not later on. Or else, you give us a deadline and we guarantee that we will deliver it within that timeframe.

  • The most simple way is to fill up the contact form in the ‘Contact Us’ link of our website and our executive will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Besides, you can also interact with us on live chat through IMs AIM, MSN, Gtalk, Yahoo and Skype.

Our Work Process

See your designs transformed to W3C valid and hand coded HTML/XHTML/CSS templates, as we keep every pixel intact.


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    The expertise of XHTML Developers is quite evident in the quality of solutions that they offer. I approached them for converting my PSD web designs to XHTML/CSS, and the quality of the results delivered was amazing.       


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