Why Us?

Why XHTML Developers

With the competition among online businesses growing rapidly, there is an ever-increasing need to design and develop websites, which are functional and visually pleasing. At XHTML Developers, we strive to bring forth quality solutions, such as HTML/ XHTML conversion, that can effectively address any issues or requirements related to websites. We go that extra distance in presenting excellent results to clients in the form of websites that serve their business needs in an efficient manner. Our services also accept source files in many formats such as PSD, JPG, GIF, AI, GIF, and HTML markup.

Our team of HTML and XHTML programmers is well qualified, which enables them to complete different projects, that comprise of XHTML development, and transformation of the PSD files or image formats to quality HTML/XHTML formats that can be easily integrated with the sites.

Our Areas of Expertise:


Since we are a quality-oriented company, our focus is to deliver websites that stand out in terms of performance and visual features, so that they can draw the attention of the target audience, thus serving as an efficient promotional tool for the company.

Some of the reasons that make use popular among the audience include-

  • Professionalism: We ensure that the projects are completed as per schedule, so that our clients are not inconvenienced.
  • Valid Tableless Coding: We make sure that the websites comply with the current web standards, W3C guidelines, and adhere to XHTML validation, which facilitates them to render in a consistent manner.
  • Compatibility Across Browsers: Our expert services are focused on making the website more accessible and user friendly, so that they can be viewed and operated across a number of web browsers.
  • Focus on SEO: The solutions presented by XHTML developers also ensure semantic coding that can make the web pages support search engines in an efficient manner.

Attention to pixel precision, and images that are optimized for light weight, and quick rendering, adds a difference to the websites, thus giving them an advantage over the competition. We understand the need to implement impressive designs and images in the websites, and so we develop solutions that ensure that such rich and interactive sites function reliably.

XHTML Validation

Our Work Process

See your designs transformed to W3C valid and hand coded HTML/XHTML/CSS templates, as we keep every pixel intact.


Client Testimonial

      XHTML Developers, glad to have found them! The PSD to HTML conversion professionals here did for my website is simply outstanding. The service quality, on time delivery and reliable support was truly impressive. The codes came up quiet clean and there was nothing that needed to be revised. Their first delivery was the final one, Great work!       


Samantha Cloniff